Give the ability to hide the profile icon

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It would be great if the user profile icon could be hidden. Mainly to declutter the navigation bar

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Thank you for the feedback @Deleted. I will forward this feedback on to the team that own the user experience.

@Elliot Kirk 


Hello there


So it is August 29 - 2020, and still cannot hide / remove Profile Button.



Just switched from Chrome and would also like the ability to hide the profile icon. It's not a huge annoyance, but it definitely takes up room I'd rather have for other stuff.

I just moved from Chrome, I would also like this feature.

This is a significant problem for anyone who relies on Windows Speech Recognition. Every unused button on the screen that for some reason we are not allowed to turn off is just bait for Speech Recognition errors. It's like a decoy, drawing the computer away from what I actually want to do. And for some reason this Profile button is an especially bad one. Believe me, there are people all over America cursing you every day for this.

Xylophones are built to allow grade school music teachers to remove the unused bars which frustrate some of their students. Why on God's green earth can I not just turn off any button or bar that I am not using? What do you care? Even if I had to dig into some weird about:config screen to do it. That would be fine.

I swear, that Profile window just popped open while I was typing this. Oops, once again.