Getting "sorry, but we're having trouble signing you in." with Edge profile


I am a computer consultant and have a separate Edge Profile for each administrator account at each of my clients' 365 tenants, plus my own 365 tenant. Email address removed, Email address removed, Email address removed, Email address removed and so on. This works out fantastic and I have it setup this way on four computers. Flawless. Love it.

But I'm setting up a new laptop and have successfully setup several Edge Profiles, but when I try to sign-in/sync the Profile for Email address removed I get an error, "Sorry, but we're having trouble signing you in" and it indicates that xyz_admin doesn't exist at


I don't know why it's looking for xyz_admin at I've removed the Profile several times, and I've had no problems with other Profiles, and the xyz_admin Profile works fine on my other computers.

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