Get notified when stable and beta versions are about to be released. Or at least as soon as released

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I am a developer and it is highly important for me to know when new updates for Edge stable and beta channels arrive. Is there any way that I could receive any notification or mail when the versions are updated. A prior notification that new version is arriving would be even more beneficial.
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@Noel Burgess What's the point of going-by that if Microsoft themselves don't stick to it?  It says the stable release of Edge version 106 should be released the "Week of 29-Sep-2022", which was last week (26 Sep to 2 Oct).  It's Monday 3 October when I write this, and my Edge says it is updated to version "105.0.1343.53" along with "Microsoft Edge is up to date".  I see no-reason online why there's been a delay?