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I hope it's the right place to suggest evolution for Edge. I started using since a month, and I actually really like it! I like the collection, but there are some limitations.
Currently, I'm using notes to separate the pages in my collection, see the capture below. But it's not easy to distinguish the categories. It would be great to have the possibility to change text and/or background colour to notes. Another thing that would be wonderful, would be to allow the notes (or create a specific separator) to act like a "tree" (like for folders in Explorer), with an arrow that will hide or display the links behind, until the next note/separator.

Moreover, before I synchronised my collections between my PC and Surface, I created two collections on each device for the same thing. Hence, I got twice the same after sync. It would be great to add a "fusion" option to combine collection together.


One of my collectionOne of my collection


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+1 for folder trees like file explorer in the collections.
+1 for folder trees
@Deleted, can you look at this, and provide some insight about " Folder trees in Collections like File explorer."??