Full Screen PDF Issue when in single-app Windows Kiosk mode

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When Microsoft Edge is in Kiosk mode via a single-app Windows kiosk and you open a PDF and enter full screen mode (see screenshot), there is no way to get back out. ESC key does not work and the grey "X" that show up when you hover over the top middle in a normal Edge session is not present. Also tried F11 and some other combinations with no luck. There seems to be no way to back out or view the Edge toolbar again until the Kiosk session ends.




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Pushing this back to the top.

Hi@MattC900 ,

Do you finaly find an issue. I'm in the same casse !



No, unfortunately. It is a bug that needs to be fixed.
Got the same issue, wish either one Kiosk Mode can fix the problem.
Single app Kiosk Mode - Allow to close the new opened Windows during web browsing
Public Browsing Kiosk Mode - Allow to hide the close button on first page to avoid user accidently close Edge and show the Black screen.

@MattC900 guess there is not a solution till yet... got the same problem a year later then the post was created - thx MS.