Full page web capture doesn't work in Immersive view mode

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It's been like this for a while, after today's Canary update still not fixed,

Version 89.0.711.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)


if you can please try to replicate this problem and if you succeed send feedback through Edge browser (with problem recreate), I've already sent one.


example websites to use where immersive reader button is available, this and this


steps to reproduce:

  1. press the immersive button in the address bar
  2. make sure you can scroll down and up
  3. press web capture button and take a full-page capture

you should see that the web capture only captures what's shown on the screen, i.e. it doesn't take a scrolling capture, as it is would outside immersive reader mode.

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Doesn't work in dev on 89.0.723.0 either.
I have the same issue on certain other websites that are not in immersive mode too. (bug report has been submitted) .