Form field anomaly Canary and Dev rerun

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Hi all,
Dev channel 81.0.381.0
This error is still with me on the latest Dev. Any ideas, please?
Whenever I hover the mouse pointer over a field in a form, it displays what appears to be the code and properties for that field. This occurs on any site, and any form. Does not occur in Firefox, Edge HTML and Chrome. See attached screengrab.
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I've seen this behavior too before, not sure which browser it was on. I thought it was related to the website itself and not the browser because I wasn't experiencing it on all websites. not sure if it's the case with your experience though

@HotCakeX Thanks for the insights. I experience it on all web sites with Edge Canary and Dev only. This is on Windows 10 Pro 1909 Build 18363.535.




I don't get that in any web form with Dev 81.0.381.0.


Could it be produced by some development extension?

@Bruce Roberts Will check and test, thanks