Force Color Profile setting made my Edge unusable

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Recently, I was searching a solution on how to get rid of a hardware acceleration problem, which causes videos to look "grey" or "washed out". On of the solutions was to change the setting from the Force Color Profile tab and set it from Default to "scRGB linear (HDR where available)". I did that but the washed out look is still there. I have then done the terrible mistake of trying out the other settings, which then have caused my Edge to bug out and display....nothing. Whenever I hover an application over the Edge "window", afterimages of that window will be formed. It's hard to describe but the photos/videos below can better show what is happening. If anyone has the solution, that will be very cool thank you.20240124_200934.jpg


video link:

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Whoa! Looks like some kind of a simulator :suprised:. Hello, I'm happy to help :smile:. If you don't mind being signed out of Edge, you could try resetting it, by going to Settings, Apps> Installed Apps> then find Microsoft Edge and click on the three dots. Then, follow the instructions to repair Edge. If Windows Settings has an option to turn Hardware acceleration off, try it out. And redo the changes you made that caused this problem. Does it only happen to Edge? I hope this helps, please reply on the consequences! :stareyes: