Font size and formating changes between Chrome and Edge based on Chromium

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The app loaded on Chrome looks ok,

1Asset 1-100.jpg



The app loaded on Edge based on Chromium, certain fonts and space etc. formatting changes automatically.1Asset 2-100.jpg

Please guide us about the reason for such automatic changes or effects. Thank you,

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@SannaInc Thank you so much for reaching out. After reaching out to the company regarding this site we were able to give this page a test-drive and it no longer repros in Edge 78.0.277, below is a comparison of Edge Canary & Chrome Canary:


Chrome is left, Edge is right




If you can make sure your Edge version is up to date and then test it again and let me know if it still repros. Thank you.


Dear @gregwhitworth ,

Thank you for the update.

Is this a new version of the Edge browser based on chromium?

We have developed the front-end for the web app, the main demo is available here

If I open the demo site on Edge based on chromium, it suffers from the font issue yet - shown bellow.

Edge 02.PNG

Please guide us further.

Thank you.

Dear @gregwhitworth,
I think I have found the reason, font size settings.
We need to take that into account.
Thank you for your guidance though. Thank you.