Folder Design in ML 6(Preview)

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Why is the Folders icon and interior changed in the new preview version(6.2.200602.79106), the stable versions( folder is lot better than the previews folder, so I ask you to keep the stable's version folder's design instead of previews. (First pic-Preview,,, Second pic-Stable)




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Totally agree. I much prefer the old folder style, that allowed for a lot more icons on the screen at once, which meant not needing to swipe nearly as much.
I absolutely agree, I hate the new folder design. It looks ugly and what's the point of having phones with big displays to be forced to swipe a second time inside the folder, because it just displays a few icons at once. Very bad decision and my most hated change at the moment (second place goes to the huge margins around Widgets). Please change that, thanks :)