Focus on the design of the Edge

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Would be great if you cold focous on the design on the edge have Chrome installed while am into Dev/cav builds, and i have to tell it its very very hard to see any diffrens frome Chrome frome Edge, allways have to check with broswer am on when am open a link. 

So would be great add like Reding list, Bokmarks and stuff like more like the old edge, and mabye try add fluent design follow the OS style into the edge so people dont get confuset what broswer they use when today the edge and chrome just look a like copy. 

Would be good for the insiders have a broswer some is not a look a like copy of chrome, if they gonna look the same is as good to use Chrome. 

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Thanks for the great feedback! As we're working to deliver solid fundamentals, we're actively listening to our Insider community to ensure Edge is bringing valuable and differentiating experiences to our customers. I'll pass on this feedback to the right team and please continue to provide awesome feedback!