Flags for Tab Groups and Hover Card Images not available

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Hey everyone,

The flags for Tab Groups and Tab Hover Card Images seem to be unavailable in Canary build 87.0.626.0. Searching for them yield no results on the Flags page.

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@Rohit Yadav 

Yes, the flag is not available in Edge since the last update but this is not what Microsoft has done, the flag has been removed from upstream Chromium and will be added again later that's why it is not available right now in Chrome Canary also as one person said to me.

@TheShaunSaw Thank you for the information. I hope those flags are back soon, since they are not available in build .627, as pointed out by @CrazyKats.

@Rohit Yadav They are back in today's build .630. 

Yeah, thanks for the heads up. I have enabled both of them. :)