Flags for improving scrolling and battery life???

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Any suggestions for which flags to enable/disable that can improve touch performance/scrolling and battery life? 

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There is one that i know of:

"Turn off caching of streaming media to disk."
Reduces disk activity during media playback, which can result in power savings. – Mac, Windows



Sadly, it doesn't look like I have that option on dev build,  Boooo!

Ohh sry forgot to mention i'm using canary. but weird the versions are too close. i remember that flag existed long before 249.1
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Hi Cori & welcome,

The 1st snip shows all scrolling flags.  The 2nd shows one that helps (lessen) battery use.

Scrolling flags.jpg


A tip: > edge://flags and put what you seek in its search box; Example - the words scrolling & battery. 


As Ryan mentioned, the most effective one is that
"Turn off caching of streaming media to disk."
but you'd have to use Canary channel instead of Dev.

leave the rest at default values to prevent instability.

for scrolling, go to edge:flags and type in "scroll"
then try each one of them Yourself and keep the one that you like enabled and revert the other ones back to their default values. because you're using Touch screens, and i assume tablet?

smooth scrolling for example doesn't show any noticeable difference, maybe because it's enabled by default. and since the majority of flags don't tell you whether their default value is enabled or disabled, you just have to try it yourself on your Touch screen device.

If your looking for a Flag that seems to have been removed, Switch this flag to Enabled and then look for the flag you wanted...

Old Flags.jpg



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That doesn't seem like a long term solutions. they are depreciated flags that are set to be removed..
Well, no it is not, however it can offer temporary solution till something else comes along or a change has been made......


Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.  I went ahead and installed the canary build for the extra features.  I decided to try out Edgeium on my Surface Go which already struggles with battery life, so every little bit helps.  Hopefully, new Edge will have the same battery life and smooth scrolling of old Edge. (Granted, I'm not holding my breath on the scrolling)