Flag syncing between devices.'m%20using%20multiple%20devices%20at%20home%20and%20school%20and%20have%20many%20flags%20activated%20on%20Canary%20on%20my%20home%20laptop.%20It%20would%20be%20much%20more%20convenient%20if%20you%20were%20able%20to%20sync%20changes%20to%20flags%20from%20one%20device%20to%20another%20instead%20of%20trying%20to%20find%20the%20ones%20you%20want%20out%20of%20the%20hundreds%20of%20available%20flags.%3C%2FP%3E%3C%2FLINGO
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@Elliot Kirk

I'm using multiple devices at home and school and have many flags activated on Canary on my home laptop. It would be much more convenient if you were able to sync changes to flags from one device to another instead of trying to find the ones you want out of the hundreds of available flags.

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@cjc2112, I doubt that we will ever support the synchronization of flags in Microsoft Edge.  We use flags to run experiments and to control the roll-out of new features to ensure that they do not negatively impact the stability, performance and usability of the browser.  Once we feel that a feature has proven its worth, we will turn in on to 100% and then remove the flag.  From an end-user perspective, you should never need to mess around with flags to get your browser working.  Thanks - Elliot