[FIXED] Need someone from Edge team answer why Edge mobile is using Chromium version 77 ?

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Edge on Android is now on the latest version, the same as Edge desktop, everything is new and up to date.








I'm really concerned about security patches and updates that latest Chromium gets (which is version 86 as of this moment) but Edge mobile (Android) is using Chromium 77 which is almost 1 year old!

not only that, each Chromium version has more features compared to the previous one but Edge mobile is missing all of that.


why is this happening? why Edge Android is not using up to date version of Chromium?

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Yes, this is a major concern of many insiders. Due to this lack of development in mobile version of Edge and no history sync feature yet, we can't use Edge our main browser. Don't know when Edge team will look into this matter. We're waiting for seamless experience across devices for a long time :(