[FIXED] How long can Edge mobile keep using Chromium 77 and still receive updated security patches?



Edge on Android is now on the latest version, the same as Edge desktop, everything is new and up to date.




Edge beta mobile (Android) is using Chromium 77.0.3865.116 at the moment


  • how long can it stick to version 77 and still receive security patches, bug fixes for zero-day threats etc.? like this one
  • and what's so special about version 77 of Chromium? what made Edge team choose that and stick with it for such a long time!?
  • lastly, is there ever going to be a time where we will be using up to date Chromium engine in Edge mobile, just like on computer?


i really need someone from Edge team answer to this, I'm using it on my own device and also made others close to me to switch over to Edge too, so I'm a little concerned here.

and this is something many people in different topics talked about.



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@HotCakeX Thank you for reaching out; we take security seriously. We’re aware of reports and are looking into them.

Fawkes (they/them)
Program Manager & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

@HotCakeX totally agree. @Deleted the mobile version really needs those Chromium updates because patches cannot ensure the improvements that have been made to the newer versions, including security, feature updates like new form controls, resource improvements, and more. Not to forget that some sites may start flagging Edge as unsupported because the version is really outdated.

I just hope the team updates it with the most recent Chromium version, at least keeping pace with the Stable version, if not the insider versions.