[FIXED] Edge insider Canary Not working anymore. opens all websites in WDAG Application Guard Window


UPDATE: Fixed in Edge insider Version (Official build) canary (64-bit)



I just updated my Edge insider Canary to Version (Official build) canary (64-bit)

and After that, when I type in something in the omnibox or click on any bookmark, the browser launches the Windows Defender Application Guard window and attempts to open that websites in there.

I said attempt because It tries and fails with this error:


Annotation 2019-10-03 010530.png


I'm on Windows 10 fast ring build 18990. tried restarting computer and disabling all extensions but still no luck. whatever this last update had triggered this problem. so right now Edge insider canary is literally dead and I'm posting this with Edge classic.

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anyone else experiencing this?


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I'm also seeing this issue on Canary. No websites can load, as they all try to open in Application Guard and Application Guard seems to be completely broken.


Hi, thanks, can you please also mention which Windows 10 build/version you're using?

wanna make sure it's not related to Windows insider.


by the way I tried uninstalling application guard feature but it's failing. Windows restarted 2 times, said the changes were rolling back.

you could give it a try maybe it won't fail for you


Annotation 2019-10-03 013518.png


@HotCakeX I'm also on 18990. Not sure that affects the Edge bug.

It seems that the problem only appears for those of us having Windows defender application guard enabled..

@HotCakeX Fails for me on non-insider Win 10 1903 10.0.18362.387.  Not only does it try to open in WDAG, it doesn't work in WDAG just as shown in your screenshot.  WDAG still works fine with Spartan.

Thanks, this narrows it down to the Edge insider canary only to be the source of the problem

@HotCakeX Absolutely. I had tabs opened and manually checked this afternoon for updates in settings.  After tapping the Restart button, WDAG started and nothing restored. I dropped back from canary to dev. I hope it is fixed tomorrow. I"m very surprised the build was released or even that check in verification didn't block the bug.  Maybe the verification checks run on systems without WDAG enablrd.

@HotCakeX Same problem also for me. After upgrading to version every page tries to load inside an Application Guard window but with no luck. My Windows version is 1903 10.0.18362 Build 18362

Same with me on 1903. I honestly don't know how it'll be fixed because internet connection doesn't even work, so how is it going to search for updates? I guess we'll have to download the installer manually from another browser.
When I open Edge canary, the main window opens and after few seconds the application guard window, but i can still manage to go to the settings and check for update in the about page.
also the news feed in the new tab page works for me.

That happens to me too removing application guard you can browse normally when enable application guard again wont let you it's broken I'm alm windows 10 insider 18990 better wait new update for canary

Does anyone has any feedback from the Dev Team for this critical issue? Like @josh_bodner? Thank you

I just noticed today the bug can't use edge canary wont open pages just application guard broken and prevents to use it before this build working fine can't open tabs too

Yes - I am also seeing this same issue - with WDAG. (running GA build 18362.356)
Will see what happens with next Canary build release....


I am using Edge Dev 287.2 to reply - no issues with that build.

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Yes it's fixed in Version (Official build) canary (64-bit)

but the Application Guard window can't connect to the Internet. only the normal window is working without problem..can you confirm?

@HotCakeX I confirm, I have the same problem with version

The application guard window does not access the internet


I did not catch this bug as WDAG was disabled a couple of month ago (by myself). But with Version (Official build) canary (64-bit) "Read aloud" is broken for me on any site.