(Fixed) An error occurred while checking for updates

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Getting this same error every time I check for update even after a restart of browser.  Clearing cache etc....


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Have sent in feedback with all the usual diagnostics etc...... 



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@Dennis5mile +1, can confirm the same. Seems to be a server side issue.

Tagging @Deleted and @MissyQ for raising to the team.

@Rohit Yadav Thanks, Rohit and @Dennis5mile! I've reached out to the team to see what's up. I'll follow up when I hear back from them.


Missy Quarry (she/her/hers)
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update just now worked for me.... Version 87.0.643.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)




Appears to be fixed now.

@MissyQ @Deleted it is resolved for me as well. Thanks a lot for the quick resolution! :smile:

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@Dennis5mile @Rohit Yadav @DavidGB @CrazyKats Thanks everyone for your reports! I wanted to wait until the team let me know that it was fully mitigated before reaching back out. We now believe this to be resolved, but please do let me know if you see this with the next Canary update.


Y'all are the best! Appreciate you being Insiders. :3


Missy Quarry (she/her/hers)
Community Manager - Microsoft Edge


I'm still getting the error & have been for the last 4 months, regardless of how many times I close the browser & reopen.


Any ideas what will solve the problem?