Fix "New window" and "New InPrivate window" for multiple profiles

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As it is right now if you have multiple Edge profiles configured and open and right-click on the taskbar icon for a profile and select "New window" or "New InPrivate window" it opens the new window based on the Settings > Profiles > Multiple profile preferences > Default profile for external links setting. This is a confusing experience as the new window may open under a completely different profile. Creating new windows from the taskbar jump list shouldn't follow that setting, it should just create the new window under the profile that was right-clicked.

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@monrobot Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the MS Edge Insider community.


That's insightful feedback. Tagging in @Avi Vaid, who works on the functionalities for Multiple Profiles.


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@monrobot I'm unable to repro this issue. When I right click and open an inprivate window from my taskbar icon, it opens under the profile whose icon I right clicked (by design and according to your preferred behavior). 


What you're running into is probably a bug. Could you go to the taskbar icon's properties and ensure the target has a --profile-directory="Profile 1" appended to it?


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Thanks for the reply @Avi Vaid. I have three profiles setup, they all have a --profile-directory="Profile X" (X is numbers 1, 3 or 4, depending on the profile). These are the steps you can use to repro this problem.


  1. Every profile has the Settings > Profiles > Multiple profile preferences > Default profile for external links set to "Last used (default)"
  2. Open Edge with one of your profiles
  3. Do some work in that profile, open a new tab or something
  4. Right-click on the pinned Edge icon for a different profile and select "New InPrivate window"
  5. The InPrivate window opens under the profile you were working in in step 3 not the profile you just right-clicked on

Hi@Avi Vaid


Any update on this? Were you able to reproduce the issue with the steps I provided?



@Avi Vaid


For what it's worth this issue seems to have been fixed in the latest version (83.0.478.37). New windows now open under the appropriate profile