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It would be interesting to be able to select a text in a web page or pdf and to have the option in the contextual menu to search for this same text in the web page or pdf. (The function Find on page in contextual menu).

An example of use would be to find an abbreviation in the text knowing that elsewhere in the same text there is the description.

Or a name of a person who is repeated and we want to find the place in the text where we mention his position.

This is the type of manipulation that we often do when we have to read several documents.




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I don't know if you are talking about this feature : 

you can find text on webpages or pdf :





Thanks for your answer, but what I suggest is to first select the text in the web page, after right click for open contextual menu, and have the option " Find Selected Text on page" in this menu:





Yes, but i wanted to be shure that you were not talking about this feature :) !