Few issues from common user's perspective

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1) New tab in Polish and Edge menu in English, why?

Correction: my blunder (see comments area), reckon it void.

Why "New tab" is in Polish, but whole Edge have its menus in English as I defined? I use Debian En version with Polish typist keyboard (QWERTZY). "New tab" should be with English texts, too.

[Fig. 1]

Web capture_10-10-2021_181235_.jpeg

2) Limited collections items in context menu

I wanted to "Add to Collections" one of Quick Links of mine. The option showed me 10 collections only, but I have 22 of them. It'd be nice to add a slider and/or a Mouse Middle Button (MMB) with up/down cursor actions.

[Fig. 2]

Web capture_10-10-2021_175940_.jpeg

3) I cannot move cards between collections

I am allowed to copy selected cards from a collection firstly and then go to the Collections panel and only then paste the clipboard's cards "over the target collection". Opening target collection and pasting the cards there is not working. Such inconsistences withing managing bookmark panels are quite many. Why Microsoft's not taken attention to the simplicity and a logical order of bookmark panels management (context menus) is beyond my understanding.

4) Time to make a Setting's page for all bookmark Panels

Note 1

All four bookmark panels - Collections, Favorites, Tab groups, together with Workspaces, are exactly the same in functionality, but differ in minute details. Mostly with the add/copy/move options. There're disparities with the type of data formats on disks, as well, but it's not important here from user's point of view.


Note 2

Another hot question is worth to think over, too, if not in a real need to do so. Simply speaking you are multiplying the "bookmark panels" without essential diversities, with badly or dimly defined aims, and with badly organized and implemented menus/options. I must mention, as well, that their deficiencies and limitations in usability are highly irksome. Do something with the issues, please. I've written about them few times. Write a good text on the topics - explaining and promoting their similarities and differences. "Collections" are already redundant, when "Workspaces" has come the "Tab groups" and "Workspaces" will beg for unification. I've used Opera, Firefox and Vivaldi. The Edge has the capability to be really unique, but it needs to be streamlined,  not forked in very similar options.


Note 3

One obvious suggestion appears here, as obvious and plain - the four Panels need to have own page in Settings,  where users could set options for them.

* Collections (transient)
* Tab groups (transient)
* Workspaces (transient)
* Favorites (bookmark panel - basic)


BTW. Pay attention to the facts that all four panels belong to two distinct types:

1) transient tabs/pages and

2) basic Favorite bookmarks.

All are saved to disk, but three of them are designed as interchangeable panels (with interchangeable tabs/pages). Hence the dualities in functions.

5) Microsoft Edge Feature Suggestions

from reddit by Uledy


Changes to Tab Groups:
- to add more colors to group names
- do not vaporize Tab group after closing all tabs within the group



MS Edge Dev 96.0.1032.0-1
Debian Bullseye GNU/Linux 5.10.70-1, X.org 1.20.11, IceWM 2.1.2
Nvidia GeForce GTX 650, Driver 460.91.03, systemd 247 (247.3-6)


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@pp_e2 wrote:

1) New tab in Polish 

Sorry if I'm stating the obvious, but on the NTP Page settings menu, is Polska (polski) selected under Advanced > Language & content? I get Polish content if I do that.

Are you signed in to Edge with Microsoft Account or a work account? There do seem to be some differences in the page's behaviour between the two types of sign-in.



@Noel Burgess  :)

Oh gosh! D'you see me red? :facepalm: (Although some say better red than dead - copyleft Indiana Jones IV) :)

Well, man learns all his life. Thanks a lot, I had to be dead tired writing it (I was). Thanks for the remark about logging into accounts, too. Always MS Account.


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