Feedback on "Collections" feature.

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I like the idea of collections and thinks it have a lot of potential in it, So I'm dropping some of the features which could make it more useful and productive:-


1.collection sync, 

2. Sub collections in collections like bookmarks folders.

3. Offline access to collections (could eliminate the need for reading list feature).

4. Collections are too slow to open / laggy.

5. Show collections name while typing in omini box.

6. It would be better if collections open as drop-down menu (just like favorites drop-down) instead of taking precious browsing space. (Would be best if there is a toggle to open the whole collections in a new tab).

7. Save all open tabs in the collections instead of adding them one by one.

8. Sorting the collections by name, by date added & custom sorting.

9. Ability to move one collection from one folder to other.

10. Add more options to sharing as it has only two which may be useless for those who don't use word & Excel. 

11. If programs like MS word , excel (for which sharing is available from collections) are installed, then collections should be opened in installed programs instead of their online versions. 

12. Option to download any collection with actual content & saved locally, when clicked on that collection give option to open saved content or the online content. Also download those content on all the synced devices.

13. For shopping, when adding a page to a collection, bring the price along with the item.

14. An option to select multiple collections and share them all at once to a single document. 

15. Unless I'm in a new tab page, when I click on a collection, it should open that collection in a new tab. 

16. Export collections to the local storage like we can export bookmarks.

Note: I'll edit this list on the basis of other users feedback and demands. @MissyQ @Deleted @Elliot Kirk 

How to Enable Collections feature: edge://flags/#edge-collections <-- open this link and enable the highlighted flag. ✓    [ Now enabled by default ]

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@Deleted Thanks for all the feedback! We've passed this on to our Collections team and will let you know if they have any follow-up questions.


Fawkes (they/them)
Project & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

@Deleted The team was appreciative of your feedback; the good news is that a lot of it was already on their radar! However, they do have two questions for you:


  • Re: #4 -- Could there have been any other confounding variables causing the slow loading, like a slow machine, poor connection, or certain element of the UI?
  • Re: #13 -- We're working to expand coverage for shopping domains. If you find a shopping website where the price isn't extracted, can you please submit feedback so it can be tracked and prioritized?


Fawkes (they/them)
Project & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

@Deleted any news on this one?