Feedback on Downloads Manager in Microsoft Edge

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I have been using the new Microsoft Edge downloads manager for some time now and the experience has been great. I think it is many times better than the Chromium downloads UI that we used earlier in Microsoft Edge. As the new downloads manager came, so some problems with it, I will discuss it one by one about it below.


White space after downloads are removed:

After you cancel downloads or delete all the downloads from the list, there is a white space left in the list area without any content as shown in the video which does not look good in my opinion.


Opening the download just means to open it and not save till the browser is closed:

With the new Downloads UI, I saw that the file I open is seen as a download and saved one till I don't close Microsoft Edge fully i.e. in the foreground and the background as shown in the second video which is not good in my opinion. If I just open my download, it should just open once and get deleted as soon as I close the file.


Open download file when closed should not be shown in removed download list:

When I close Microsoft Edge completely i.e. in foreground and background, I find that Edge shows the downloaded file which I just wanted to open once is in the removed downloads list as shown in the second video. This should not be the case, only files that were saved and deleted should be shown in the removed downloads list.


I have sent feedback about this through the in-app feedback tool (Alt+Shift+I) in Microsoft Edge. If you too feel that the current behaviour that I described above is not correct, please send feedback about it the same way for the Microsoft Edge Team to understand this issue and work on it as soon as possible.

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