feedback button - image from clipboard or from hdd


I miss a feature for the feedback button in edge which I can use in the feedback hub of Windows 10: Adding images from clipboard or from hdd.


detailed description:
At the moment you can only send images from live screenshots. But I want to send images that I have saved to my hdd in the past.
Sometimes it is nesesarry to cut some private Infos from the images. Or you ca't wirte a feedback when the error ocours, because you don't have internet or it must go fast. Then I want to save an image to my hdd and for sending it later.


If you also miss or like this feature pleas feel free to comment or giving likes.

(This feature request was also sent via feedback button within Microsoft Edge.)

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You can Already do this.

  1. click on the Feedback button on Edge toolbar at top as usual
  2. then when the new window opens, click on "diagnostic data" which is a blue text
  3. from there you can select "Attach a file" and browse for your custom screenshots/image files to upload alongside your feedback.









@HotCakeX Thank you. I would never have looked for it there.

You're welcome, yes they really need to make it more obvious :)