Features missing from old Edge Browser

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The new edge browser built on chromium is fantastic. But the thing is there are some features on the old edge browser which needs to be kept too.

I'm missing some important features of the edge like set tabs aside and cortana integration  directly to the browser itself. I've used those features much often and now I'm not sure if it can come to new edge browser or not.

Also while downloading files there was an option where it's been asked whether one wants to save that file or just open it that was handy too, now every file is downloaded and then I've to remove it manually after using them.

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@NightCrawler11 @josh_bodner @Elliot_Kirk 

Your name can be added to the countless people mentioning & wanting these same things & more (to be kept).  May the collective voice make it happen! You are SO right & SO many agree!


there are separate discussions for each of those features you might wanna participate in, they're in the list

@HotCakeX thanks for the link.

You're welcome!