Features I really miss from the old Microsoft Launcher in Preview

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Hi there,

There are some features that I really miss from the old Microsoft Launcher and would like to see them implemented in the preview version. 

  1. Support for translucent background on our feed and in other places of launcher the old one used to have.
  2. Image scrolling should be supported on the Feed page as well.
  3. No dock quick actions or background theme.

Would be insightful to see them being implemented soon.


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its all there! Some how they did it. Select dark mode under themes and then there are blur and transparency sliders to adjust.
You can still turn on dock background
And getters are all carried over from what you had before.

@Chef31684 Thanks for the reply!

1. I got the update to the beta version of the launcher which updated from v5 to v6 and now the blur options are present. They are not present in the preview version though.

2. Image scrolling is not supported on the feed page. The scroll works over the home pages but not the feed page. 

3. Dock only allows to put apps, not the quick settings toggle which existed in v5 like WiFi, Mobile data, Flashlight etc.