Feature suggestion: search in the store from extension search bar

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Current Behavior: In the edge extension page, there is a search bar for searching the extensions which are already installed. There is a link below search bar to Get extensions for Microsoft Edge and if extension is not found it page displays message "No search results found" and brings the "Get extensions for Microsoft Edge" button to top that is again the same link.



  1. Add capability to bring search results from the extension store if extension not found in the installed extensions.
  2. Instead of sending user to the landing page of extension store, send to the extension search page with the search query.


For the better understanding, I have attached two videos one is with the current behaviour and another one is after implementation of this feature. 

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Hello @Divaksh 


Your suggestion is very good

You can also use Ctrl + Shift + I to send this feedback and have a better chance of reaching the team


+1 for this great suggestion. Sent feedback about it through the tool.