Feature Suggestion: Notes Panel

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Notes panel having notes for each website. 

When open notes panel on a particular website it show the notes for that website only.

It could also have global notes list.

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Hi @Maan2003 

Collections has add notes and you can tie each note or collection to a website by dragging some element from that website to the collections and then manually add a note in there like you wanted




@HotCakeX Yes Collection has almost the functionality but what I am looking for is dynamic notes list that changes based on the website I am surfing.

For Example, I have open a website, I add a note in notes panel. It should automatically show up whenever open that website again.

If I open the notes panel on some other website, the previously added note should not be in the panel.

In a brief, each website should have its exclusive notes panel.

Oh okay sounds good i guess

@Maan2003 Thanks for the unique suggestion, we've passed it along to our product team!


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