[Feature suggestion] Add toggle to enable or disable the extensions in extensions fly-out.

Steel Contributor

- Add enable/disable extension toggle in the extensions popup to enable/disable the extension from the popup itself (without going into extensions tab)

- Current version & Demo pic for the idea is attached.


currenct extensions popup.jpg


switches demo pic for extensions popup.jpg


I've sent the feedback using 'Alt+Shift+I'. If you like the idea, be sure to send them feedback using 'Alt+Shift+I' feedback menu. 


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i would definitely like this, there needs to be a category to show disabled extensions to we can enable them or send enabled extension to the disabled section.
Yeah, Definitely! Both enabled and disabled extensions should be shown in popup, grey for disabled and blue for enabled (like I tried to illustrate), It would help managing extensions conveniently.
Yeah, as a user I don't want to leave my current page every time I want to disable an extension, not convenient.

@MissyQ Why not add this feedback into top feedback list?