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First of all great work with Microsoft Edge, I really like to use it. But I would like to know if it is possible to ask for for features somewhere? I could only provide feedback, but it feels like this is something you do when something goes wrong :). Is this possible? If yes, where could I find it?

For instance I would like to ask for a feature for which you can select other Microsoft account members eligible for emergency access to passwords. 


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Hi, welcome to the Community!

You can request for features through the feedback tool. That's what it is there for. it's not as if it is meant only for reporting issues - you can also send feature requests. In fact, Microsoft releases a Feedback Summary every month where they mention the most helpful feedbacks they received for Edge, and almost all of them are feature requests.

Otherwise, if you feel you need a specific feature and would like to discuss with other Community members, this is the perfect place. You can post your feature request on this community.  

Are you talking about the Windows feedback too? Because Edge also runs on Android, Linux, and Mac. In fact, without that cross-platform support, I wouldn't have switched from Chrome.