FEATURE REQUESTS: Detailed Listing of Needed Key Features.

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Most of the major browsers do not have these features, while some might have a couple, ALL are missing most of them.  Due to this, I've been relegated to using a "Chinese" Browser, "360Chrome" or Maxthon.  I would like this to finally change with the new Microsoft Chromium Edge Browser.  I shouldn't have to go to China for a good quality feature-filled browser.


Also, "Extensions" are not the solution.  I used to try that with Chrome, but it just made the browser crash more than it already did due to the bad coding they do with that browser, as well many things you still couldn't do that I needed or the extensions stopped being provided for whatever reason.

There are only TWO browsers that do ALL of what I'm wanting, that's 360Chrome and Maxthon.  Maxthon sadly rather than being a shell browser they used to be created their own and was never the same, and it also lost good Extension support due to it being more complicated to make extensions, and it can't use Chrome Extensions which 360Chrome can, so I've been using 360Chrome for some time now when I used to use Maxthon.  Maxthon Classic is when it was last good for me.


Here is the list in order of priority...

(Note, many of these features can be one or more "Settings".  It's not required to have many of them as default, they can simply be one of a few options depending on Preferences of the user.  Both 360Chrome and Maxthon has Settings for many of these.  Please refer to those browsers of their options to get an idea of how they can be implemented for Edge).


1. Double Click Tab to Close it.

2. Drag and Drop Selected Text/Link to where it opens a New Tab with Search page (using your selected search engine) or the Link in new Tab (per below tab opening selected procedures).  This feature is WAY better than the Right Click and Open New Tab way.  Though that can still be there for those who like to do it that way.

3. Option to have Tab Row at Top, Middle, or Bottom of Page. (I prefer middle so the tab looks like it's part of the page, and it's easier to get to.  I dislike massively tabs on the TOP of the screen.  I literally SUFFER being forced into doing certain things a certain way, such as having tabs on the top of the screen hurts me, is not comfortable.)


4. Button to "Click to Restore Tab" of the last closed page...  You can also Right Click on it to show up to a 10 page History as well a link to the Full History app, but not only that if you keep hitting the button it opens EACH last closed page in order.  Also, it's history is still there when you've re-opened the browser.  An example of this is in the above picture, the Left facing half-circle arrow.  These are very useful features.

5. Options on Opening New Tab, including when you click on a Favorited Link...  For example, if you want it to open Next to the currently open tab, open replacing the currently open tab, to the Right or Left, or open after the last tab, Focused or Non-Focused, etc.  Me, I like all new tabs to open to the Right of the currently open tab and non-focused, whether I'm dragging and dropping, or opening a Favorites link.  You can see in the above two browsers how they do those settings.

6. Various Right Click on Tab Functions... Refresh All, Close Left Tabs, Translate Page, Add Page to Favorites, etc.

7. Translate Bar Pop-up when going to a webpage that's in another Language than your default.  It allows you to click a button to translate page.  Now, this might seem unnecessary with other translate options, but this was a feature in 360Chrome which doesn't seem to be working now, was disabled or something, but the cool thing about it is that it automatically translated every page you went to on that domain, so you didn't have to right-click every page you went to and hit translate, or otherwise.  This was really convenient, and would be good to have part of the new Edge.  It think it was/is a feature in Chromium itself that might just need to be activated or whatever?  It would pop-up at the top of the page as a "bar" with a couple of translate options like Google Translate, Bing or whatever.

8. Use Chrome Plugins with us logging into our Google Account natively.  360Chrome in Settings allows us to login to our Google account, and I can use Google Chrome Extensions in the browser etc.

(PS... I don't know your "path" in this, whether you're making the browser be able to work with Chrome Extensions, or if you're making it so Extension Developers can make them easy to work with the new Edge, or both, either way, we need good extension support.)

9. See our Saved Passwords (we would of course have to re-login into our Microsoft/Browser account to view them for extra security even if we were already logged in).  Maxthon allows the viewing of our saved passwords for various websites, 360Chrome and likely all other browsers do not, this is a massive irritation for me.  I need to be able to view my saved pages and their passwords.

10. Startup Link Selection...  While opening the links one last had open on startup is great, a feature I was missing that Maxthon has (though they changed how it works) is being able to see a "list" of the links/pages you had open when you closed the browser, and being able to REMOVE the links you don't want to open.  So, for example, say you had a ton of pages open when you closed the browser, when you opened it again you would see a LIST of all the pages you last had open, you could then click a Select All box to not open any, you could check the ones, or "x" them out to not open the links you don't want to open on this startup of the browser, OR you can even click the links to open the tabs you only want open.  There would, of course, be a button you hit to open whatever link you had left to open them all.  This was useful for a lot of reasons, one being that maybe you had opened a virus page or runaway scripts, so you closed the browser to get rid of it, and being able to select the links to open again on the new browser startup would prevent that page/s from opening, while the standard Chrome method just opens ALL pages you had open previous automatically. (see Maxthon for who they currently do this to get an idea.)


(The below are "extras" that should be default in a browser and would be useful to the majority of people, however, they are not "musts" to have (especially not initially).  So, I can live if you don't ever include them in the browser.  Most can be addressed with extensions, but the above simply properly can't and shouldn't.)


11. Allow Switching to different browser core such as Webkit and otherwise including IE, so the page can be viewed with that browser core in case there are issues with Chromium for a particular site.  Both 360Chrome and Maxthon does this.  In 360 there's a little icon in the web address bar that you click to select which core to use for the page.  The browser also "remembers" the selection for the page.

12. Resource Sniffer - Maxthon has this as an example of how it works.  It's a useful tool.

13. Night Mode...  While there are generally plenty of Extensions which do this, it should just be part of the browser by default.  What it does is any white space on the page it dark greys/blackens it, which is good for watching shows etc. if you don't want to full screen it etc.

14. Save Snippets...  Maxthon has a feature in which we are logged into our Maxthon account and we can save text and I think now even image snippets, they apparently call it "MaxNote" now, but that was a feature I loved which I'm not sure that I have in 360Chrome (because part of the browser is still Chinese, so not sure what all its extra account-related features are).

15. If you choose to add "Snippets" above, it might be good to include in the Browser a simple "Screenshot" tool, which could be used to work with your snippets feature.


These are the most important features that most browsers are missing, or have only a couple of.

The last two can take longer or you may not "need" to add, they are just something extra useful.  But almost all of the others I ABSOLUTELY NEED as part of my browser, especially the first 10.  The last few I can live without or without for awhile, but the first 10 or so, I NEED to have.


Again, I've put them in order of priority.  I hope you can finally add these so I can have a good quality browser since Chrome Developers wouldn't listen, but even if they had, I really disliked that that browser constantly crashed when using it, over years many times trying it.  Thank you for your time, I hope you actually care about creating the best browser there is.


Sincerely, Lee


(p.s. There are a couple of things I didn't mention, but only because it looks like you're doing them, such as the automatic listing of most visited sites on the Home Page.)

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Three is a reason why Google chrome is so popular and the number 1 browser. their motto:

Now more simple, secure, and faster than ever

pay attention to the word "Simple"

those things you mentioned are Too Much specific, that's why they come as extensions so that only those who really want them install them on their browsers.


if Microsoft makes the new Edge a bloated heavy browser then people will keep using Google Chrome because it's simpler, faster and gets the job done and also it's debloated.

@leeuniverse  A variant of the 80-20 rule applies, to my mind:   A browser should include features/functions wanted/used by 80% of the user base; other features/functions should be handled by flags/extensions. 

The reason the browser is so popular is:
1. It's Google (popularity of a product makes a difference)
2. Extensions (again, lots of support of the browser made a difference)

3. Tabs (while they weren't the first, they were the most known, that made a difference)
4. 90% of my requested Features are BASIC Browser functions, not fancy extensions, so you are incorrect in your judgment.  Your thinking is the kind that we shouldn't even be using "Tabs" and a host of other features as default in a browser...  Oh, an Extension can do that.
5. Further, most of them don't even exist as extensions, some have but are gone, as well having some as extensions instead of part of the browser caused problems, aka more crashes/bloat.
6. Almost ALL of the features I mention are not "bloatware" and would add nothing to slowing down Edge.
Did you forget the 360Chrome and Maxthon Browsers HAVE ALL of the features I mention?
And guess what, they aren't even close to "slow".
7. Did you also forget that Chrome crashes alot and has FOR YEARS even without so-called "bloat"?

Bottom line, why do we even need a Chromium Edge if it's just going to be ANOTHER of the Dozen browsers that already exist and doesn't do anything actually useful?

I mean, if you want a Clone of Chrome, then why are you here?


How do you know you wouldn't like/want what I've mentioned above if you hadn't used it?
And I already said most of the items can be handled by "Settings" (aka Flags).

I've only mentioned the most important and key things needed that most browsers don't have "all of" but are very enjoyable and make the browser experience better.
I haven't asked for fancy "extensions" being part of the browser save maybe some options in the last 5 I mentioned. I've already addressed this.

I mean, do you even know how much more comfortable using a browser is when you can:
- Double Click the tab to close it, rather than straining for the "x" or right clicking the tab to find the close?
- Dragging/dropping text or link rather than selecting it and then right clicking, finding the option, etc.?

I mean, I can go on and on.

Anyway, I've simply addressed the most important basic browser functions which are found all through various browsers but aren't altogether save in the 2 I've mentioned.
Like I said, it would be nice to not have to go to China for basic MODERN Browser functions.


And another thing, why do we even need a Chromium Edge if it's just going to be ANOTHER of the Dozen browsers that already exist doing nothing unique and useful?

I mean, if you want a Clone of Chrome, then why are you here?

You are wrong
1. if you wanna talk about popularity then Microsoft is more popular, even when they were showing the Edge in users' throats people still chose to use Chrome, because it's better.
2. what?
3.tabs what? I don't see how it's even related. tabs are super old features.
4. Basic? right
-double tap click to close-it's the most awful idea ever.
-you want to natively log into your google account? use google chrome then.
if you want Microsoft allow users to use another company's account on their browser then First google must allow login via Microsoft account on chrome.

-resource sniffer-very specific feature. definitely should NOT be included in a browser for everyone.

-switching to different browser core-also specific feature rarely needed/used. the new Edge already includes switching between IE and Chromium engine. even with this change still 99% of people won't need to switch to IE. also if you only knew about programming you'd know how much unnecessary burden it'd put on developers' shoulders that has no benefit.

-there is already an option to restore closed tabs.

you set your own rules and say they should be default, well you're free to grab a copy of chromium engine and make your own browser. and since you're very fond of that chrome360 extension that you keep talking about all the time, you can integrate it into your own browser too.

How do you know if he hasn't used them already?

do you know how much uncomfortable and annoying it is if double clicking on tabs were to close them? how many unintentional tab closures would happen, how much it would rage users.

those things you mentioned are no way basic. the basic is ALREADY inside the Chrome and the new Edge browser. the rest of the highly specific needs can be addressed via extensions. yes that's how important extensions are. the Basic is what is already in Google Chrome, what is already in Edge Spartan which is gradually being shipped to the new Edge insider. other than that is just bloated software that no one wants.


It's Not a clone of chrome.

Microsoft's plan is to only change the browser core from EdgeHTML to the Chromium engine for better compatibility, nothing else. they have their own browser and set of features. almost everyone want the same feature that old Edge has to come to the new Edge insider, so eventually whatever gets changes is only under-the-hood stuff, the underlying parts. the result is better compatibility and extension support.

and Microsoft is going to make this Edge browser so perfect and integrate it into their own OS (Windows) so that people won't need to download a 3rd party browser like chrome.



1. LOL, and "why" is Chrome "better"? Because of FEATURES.
It's also better because of Extension support.
You don't even know you're defeating your own argument, crying about some extra mostly backend stuff that I'm wanting.
2. The fact that you say "what" clearly shows you know nothing about Browsers, their functions, and why people use them. Let me explain it. Due to Google being an Internet-based technology company they were able to tap a huge Programmer base who have created VASTS amounts of extensions for every need. In other words, Chromes Extension support attracted people to use Chrome. It has the best of all the browsers.
3. Again, that you don't understand the effect of Tabs, shows more you don't understand Browsers. Again, let me explain it. Tabs in browsers were fairly new, and really only fringe lesser-known browsers had them at the time (which I used by the way so I was ahead of the curve and know what I'm talking about when it comes to good features for browsers). Chrome made them mainstream, and people loved them.
See, to YOU Tabs would be "bloatware" with your backward thinking, a feature "not required" in your mind. In contrast, Tabs are wonderful, which you likely know. But you didn't know how wonderful they were until you tried them did you? Heck, when I look at your pic, you're likely not even old enough to know what browsers were like before Tabs existed. So, who do you think you are poo poo'ing what the next generation browser should be like?


Further, you never answered the question why if you like "minimal" so much, why do you care about EDGE, and just use Chrome instead?

What do you think the new Edge is bringing that a dozen other browsers don't already do?
Nothing... Like right now, this browser is the same as many, so, I'm here contributing to it becoming a BETTER browser like they want. Don't know why you're "poo poo'ing" that?


4. You've clearly never used Double Left Click to close Tabs.
It's way faster and easier to close tabs.
5. Again, you don't know what I'm talking about. First, it's my understanding that part of the purpose of Microsoft switching to Chromium is SO people can start using Chrome Extensions whether it be through Googles Extension database, or make it so Extension Developers can easy create compatibility with Edge. 360Chrome is a BROWSER based on an early version of Chrome. In its settings you're able to also login to your Google Account and thus use Chrome Extensions natively without using an ineffective shell or whatever like some other browsers do to use Chrome Extensions in them.
6. Which if you read my post you would see I put the Resource Sniffer under NOT A MUST-HAVE....
However, it actually IS something useful to most users, because a lot of people like to download various things from webpages and a resource sniffer makes it easy. But, I did state in my post I'm fine with that being an extension since actually an extension and not a simple Feature like the first 10 in my list are.

7. Again, do you even read?  Switching cores is under "EXTRAS".

LOL, If "I" know about programming?  Haaa haa ahahaah.

The point of a "separate core" is that SOMEONE ELSE DEVELOPS IT....  It's point is that one core can't anticipate every single situation, as well not every script and every webpage works perfectly with every core, so a second core allows some webpages to function properly.

Madam, I'm a power user on the internet, while "you" may not think extra cores are useful, I do, because I constantly encounter situations/pages in which another core works better.  And I'm not talking about only "older" pages/scripts, but even modern ones.

There is no major "burden" for Microsoft to put in extra cores.  It's just smart development.

8. Yes, you have to Right-click a tab, scroll down and click it.  My button, however, is much easier to use, and includes more features.  So no, Canary doesn't have what I'm asking for.

9. LOL first 360Chrome is not an "extension".... it is a BROWSER from China.  And I use it because like with Maxthon, they are the only browsers that have basically ALL of what I'm asking for.  I don't use Maxthon anymore because it's not a Chromium-based browser and has crap extension support.  And I don't want to use 360Chrome because it's not fully English supported, and I would like a Western-based browser to finally be good instead of crap missing the first 10 (or most) of the features I've listed as needing in my modern browser.


Seriously? tee off lady...  :(

If you think Chromes minimalism is so "wonderful" then why are you here?

This forum is about Microsoft wanting input to make a better browser.  You're clearly not here to do that, you just want it to be just like all the others, doing nothing useful.

You also falsely represent me...  I said CLEARLY that the features I'm requesting most of them are able to be CHOOSABLE SETTINGS.  They DON'T HAVE TO BE DEFAULT.  If you don't want to use them, then GOOD FOR YOU...  I'm requesting simple things, that make ME and many like me (aka the MILLIONS who use 360Chrome and Maxthon) want in a Browser.  So get over yourself.



1. Because they aren't in most browsers, and anyone that has used them love them.

2. LOL...  Seriously, do you understand the concept of not commenting on things you know NOTHING about?  First, again, I'm a power user on the internet, and I've been using Tabbed Browsers which Double-click to close them for some 20 years.  I will often have 30 Tabs open.... and guess what, I have pretty much NEVER had "unintentional tab closures".  (and even if such does occur, thank goodness for restore Tab, as well as PINNING tabs that you might be doing something important in which STOPS closing of tabs.)

Second, there's this little thing called "Settings", in which a person can CHOOSE how they want their Tabs to work.  If you don't like to double-click tabs to close them, you DON'T HAVE TO SET THAT SETTING.  **** lady, you are amazing.  :(

3. My first 10 requests are not "software" they are simple SETTINGS which aren't appropriate to have as extensions.  I mean, you are so funny here.  I could be like you and say whatever function/feature the browser currently has is just "bloatware".... "can't have that"...  That's something "extra" not needed just because I don't need it.

And no....  My last 5 ARE more specific needs, but the others aren't.  Just because YOU have no clue the benefit of the things I'm requesting are, doesn't mean they aren't good requests.  Take for example, opening favorites.  Wouldn't it be nice if you could just click your favorite link and it just opens a new tab with that favorite instead of overwriting the current tab?  Thus, you have to waist time opening a new tab and THEN clicking your favorite?  You clealy have ZERO clue of the ease of use and comfort I'm trying to make the browser be, aka BE BETTER.  You, you're clearly fine with being led.

4. LOL, yes it IS a clone of Chrome.  It does essentially ZERO different than what Chrome does and most other browsers.

Duh, I know "why" they are switching to Chromium, that's not the point.

The point is that I and many people like the basic features I'm asking for.

I'm not asking for anything that complicated.  And no, you won't be "forced" to use what I like.


You're not a very constructive person.  It has been an irritation.

1. yes chrome is better for extension support, and that keeps the browser simple and fast so when people need specific feature needs they add them from extension stores.

2. i said what because your comment was unclear.

3. instead of i don't understand, look at your own previous comment. you say something unclear.
"Tabs (while they weren't the first, they were the most known, that made a difference)"
what's that supposed to even mean?

4. I have used double click tabs that's why I say it's an awful idea.

5. this forum is not about 360Chrome, it's about Microsoft Edge.

6. doesn't matter what categories you put it under.

7. present a situation where Chromium engine can't handle a website and for example Firefox can.

8. what button?

9. sorry if i don't know all of the Chinese browsers?

Fortunately The Edge browsers devs know how to make a browser that won't be beat by Google chrome's dominance again. they've already affected Google chrome's development with their changes to that engine, like the recent one about media caches and battery optimization. it decreases browser's power usage, the change was too good that if Google had missed it that could be so bad for them.
both parties are playing it close to their chest.

1. Nope, don't think "you" are "Everyone".
2. i could ask you the same question actually. I don't know why you're writing your biography here but sorry not interested and it's off-topic.
3. you're just disregarding others' opinion and thinking yours is the best. you totally ignore the 80%-20% idea and think that those 20% (for most of your suggestions the user base would barely surpass 1%) are the majority.
4. you keep saying that to yourself that those things are basic. doesn't change the fact. 


just because i don't agree with you means i'm not constructive? lol nice reasoning. irritating? look at your previous comment which is all ridiculing and rude. of course you can go on and edit it, i don't care.

I've primarily asked for 10 simple basic setting related functions/features.
You keep falsely acting like I'm asking for the MILLION or so Extensions to be added to the browser, when I'm not.

I've also NOT poo poo'd what YOU want in a browser.
I'm perfectly fine if YOU like things as they are, I'm not asking them to remove them.
You, however, have a serious problem with others "choices" and NEEDS in a browser.

I don't do any of them. what are you even talking about? o.O
it's a forum and members are free to comment. I suggest you stick to the topic and stop being rude, ridiculing and so on.
you suggested some features and i argued that similar features already do exist and people are already using them, then you kept backing off saying this is not needed, that is not mandatory, the other one is just extra etc etc.
It's not up to me or you though, if the Edge developers really want the browser to thrive and actually have a say against Google Chrome then they know what to do.

Being "clear" and clarifying my needs and what's not absolutely necessary is not some sin...
Why are you so offended by mine and many like me needs in a good browser?

I'm not taking away anything from you.  So how am I "disregarding" others opinions?

I'm the only one being "disregarded" here, attacked for wanting a few simple improvements, a better browser experience.


You should instead ask yourself WHY you like people to SUFFER?  Because many of the improvements I'm asking for stop me from suffering when using a browser, yet you for some reason want others to not have different options, thus causing them to suffer.  You think these requests aren't "basic", but I wouldn't be asking for them if they weren't!!!

As to the rest, Pot meets kettle.

I hate bloatware. I hate it on smart phones, and on software too. Especially bloatware or features that can't be removed or most people will never use and it simply lags out everything. Why I like Edge Chromium. It's simple, and doesn't have a lot of unnecessary stuff attached to it which is why it loads and runs fast (at least for me). If one wants to download their own extensions from the extension store that's fine. Even Old Edge and IE was good in that sense as it was just a simple normal web browser not boggled down with a laundry list of stuff which 90 percent of it I probably wouldn't use anyhow.

I use Chrome Canary and once in a blue moon the original Chromium to side by side compare it with Edge Canary. If one compares them side by side Edge is already far superior than Google Chrome and Edge is not even out of beta yet. Although they both share a common source and that's the "Chromium" browser (the browser with the Chrome logo in blue that is too raw to be used as a default browser...it can't even auto-update itself). I always used IE as my default into Edge came out, and now I'm on Edge Canary which is my default browser. Because Edge Canary works so well (I haven't any issues of crashing, breaking, issues) I use it as my default and don't need to dabble with Edge Dev. I really have no other reason to use any other browser.  

I hate bloatware too...
Which is why I'm not asking for any.

@leeuniverse This is a warning to please refrain from personal attacks. It goes against our community guidelines. Comments like "get over yourself," "tee off lady" and "you're not a very constructive person" do not contribute to the conversation. 

Did you also give HER a Warning for her "snarky" attack telling me to "go make my own browser" and LYING about me stating I was "trying to make my own rules and they be default", BOTH of which I made clear I wasn't doing? Both the get over yourself and the tee off lady was in relation to HER "not contributing to the conversation" with those responses. And the other comment was again in response to MORE of HER non-productive personal attacks in her later statements.

Of course, you didn't warn her...  I'm not the one who started making things personal.

But as usual, people in power punish those who defend themselves rather than the abusers who abuse people and then pretend to be the "victim" when those attacked don't appreciate it, thus giving a little back.


I came here to help in the development of the browser, not to be someone's playtoy they can get away with abusing me.


Thanks  :(

I read over your comments and their comments and yours were the ones that stood out as personal attacks from my perspective. 


That said, personal attacks are not allowed at all, so hopefully, everyone can learn to avoid them in this conversation and future ones, which otherwise has some valuable constructive feedback about the product from both of you.

Okay... But just an fyi, mine stood out because they were more directly worded, rather than subtle worded as hers were.  The "offense" done is no different, which is why I even uttered my statements in the first place.  I was being personally attacked, so I made my irritation of that clear back. (hence the reason for the "tee off lady" etc., I was making my not appreciating her abusiveness known.)

Anyway, back to any productive discussion.