[Feature Request] Show Relative Timestamp Instead of Absolute in the Downloads Page

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Currently, in the Downloads page, Microsoft Edge categorises downloaded files under the heading of an absolute date and does not show download completion time of each file.


So, in my opinion, it would have been great if relative date would be used for categorising downloads for files downloaded "today" and "yesterday". For example, if today is 19th June 2019, it should show all files downloaded today under the section "Today" instead of "June 19, 2019".


Similarly, for the files downloaded the day before, they should be bundled under the section "Yesterday". All previously downloaded files should be bundled by their respective download date (like the current behaviour).


Not only that, it should also show at exactly what time each file was downloaded.


Current UI:

Screenshot (461).png


Proposed UI:Since I edited it using Paint 3D, scaling would not be perfect. But, you get the idea.Since I edited it using Paint 3D, scaling would not be perfect. But, you get the idea.

As you could see from the design I propose, it changes two things from the current UI:

  1. Change absolute dates to relative dates of only the files downloaded today and yesterday (Like how Google Chrome does).
  2. Show download completion time of each file.

I hope you would consider my suggestions.


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I prefer absolute timestamps. It's more precise :D
I also prefer absolute timestamps... Maybe give an option to choose which one to use?
Is it better for the developers to have fewer options? If so, they would stick to absolute timestamps because while it takes a bit more time to understand the timestamps, it also means that they're more precise.
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@Deleted thanks for the great feature suggestions! I will be looking into this!

@i-am-kent Thanks for the consideration! 


In the History page, you would also see that it uses a mix of absolute and relative timestamps, such as:

  • "Recent",
  • "Today - 20 July 2019",
  • "Yesterday - 19 July 2019", and
  • "18 July 2019".

So, it would be awesome to have a similar strategy for the Downloads page as well. It would make the whole experience more consistent.