Feature request: RSS feeds in Favorites Bar

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Up until now I've used Internet Explorer's ability to subscribe and read RSS feeds. I usually get the Feed onto the IE's Favorites Bar, and use it as a drop down to read the headings. Then I select the one I want and IE opens the article. Here I attach a screenshot how I use the Windows Blog and others. Do you think this could be ported to Chromium Edge?


Komentaras 2019-09-05 003343.png

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I think with IE mode becoming more accessible to everyone in future builds that this could possibly be an option for it.


I would definitely submit feedback through the browser for this.(Smiley Face top right corner)


Thanks for the feature request,



My most requested feature for Edge. @Mantvydas 

@Shaun Usman with Edge Microsoft took the same approach Chrome did: Reduce base surface area of browser and let extensions do the rest of the work. There are multiple RSS extensions for Edge, for example Feeder which was released last week: https://microsoftedge.microsoft.com/addons/detail/feeder-rss-feed-reader/jlkhefogiiibhgblliimeleiiii...


It's inspired by the live bookmarks that Firefox once had, so should mirror Internet Explorer's RSS support pretty well as well.

Thank you very much for the suggestion to use the extension. Downloaded, installed, moved my IE feeds onto it. Will look into its usefulness in the coming weeks. So far looks good. Maybe there's not going to be any need in bringing this IE functionality then.