Feature Request: Resize Collections Popout

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I love using collections, but one thing I wish you could do with it is reduce the horizontal space that it takes up. I'd like to leave it open when I'm browsing different items in a collection, but often times have to close it because it makes content on a page scale down.

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Hello  @mmclaren016 


I agree with you, want the same thing.


  1. to be able to freely resize the Collections panel horizontally.
  2. I think Collections should be an overlay on the web pages instead of pushing page contents to the left. this behavior of pushing contents to the left causes problems for some of the websites I use and even makes the web page content reload.

I think it'd be nice to have an option for switching "view modes" like in Intellij IDEA: Anmerkung 2020-07-22 171555.jpg

An explanation of the possible view modes can be found here.

Additionally, I'd like to be able to move the panel to the left side (personal preference).