FEATURE REQUEST: Privacy option to clear downloaded files - not only the download history - on exit

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Hi team,


I am loving Edge Chromium more and more - and I am thrilled the 'Clear browsing data every time you close the browser' was implemented :smile:

Now - the only thing I miss here is a bit more granularity when it comes to clearing downloads .... you can choose to clear the download history, but not if you want to clear (delete) the downloaded files as well. If that was possible I would have the perfect setup - so hopefully this can be considered ?


Cheers all :happyface:

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@StoneT If you have Windows 10 1903, Storage Sense can delete files in your Download folders. It can be configured to run from after one day to 60 days. I will send your request about deleting Downloaded files from Microsoft Edge to engineers.


Eric E.