Feature request - PDF files - add text and signature


Like Adobe Reader, free edition, has ability to add custom text and add signature (like insert picture) on a PDF document and save it. Also, ability to digitally sign the PDF document with user certificate. Including filling the PDF forms.


Where to submit feedback to Microsoft Edge team to build those features in Edge?

There were already several discussions on this topic but none of them were concrete about future plans, and info from Microsoft regarding the topic.

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@Hrvoje Kusulja 


you can submit feedback to Edge developers directly by using the feedback button on Edge.

on Windows use the shortcuts Alt + Shift + i to summon the feedback window.

and from any OS, press Edge (...) menu => help and feedback => Send feedback


you can also use this page:



Edge insider builds currently have some of the features you're referring to.


for signing, there is this flag: edge://flags/#edge-digsig-enabled-pdf




just like in Edge legacy, you can now add text notes to PDFs




I've also demonstrated some upcoming changes here:



@HotCakeX So, feature requests should be done using feedback button? on support page i did not find anything concrete how to suggest idea / feature.


I am using Edge insider, dev, latest v.90

Mentioned feature flag, #edge-digsig-enabled-pdf, seems for certification/signature checking, not for signing the PDF file.

Notes and comments, are not usefull for filling up PDF forms, like person name, date etc, to be sent to destination (like vendors, customers, agreements, banks etc.)


So this is still feature request and I do not see any discussion and progress nor info on this.

Those are also, native, free, features of Adobe Reader for example :\

Yes, Edge developers have mentioned it many times in the community to use feedback button on Edge for any bug report and Feature suggestion.

Text notes or comments are of course not for filling out PDF forms. they are only for adding text notes and comment to PDF.

you should already be able to fill out forms on PDF.


@HotCakeX sorry on my wrong info. PDF forms and fill - does work in Edge.

However, this is information from Adobe Reader that has:
 - add text (not notes, comments) like name, date, City etc.
 - add image (signature)
 - digitaly sign with certificate, whole PDF file


I have also submited feedback in Edge. Here is screenshoort from free Adobe Reader - option Fill & Sign.


AdobeReaderPDF-Fill and Sign.png