Feature request: Open a Favorite in a New Tab Automatically

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Please add an option in settings to open favorites in a new tab by default. For instance, when I select a favorite from the favorites bar, I can right-click and choose to open in a new tab. I wish I could set it to do that by default.

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Hello @JordanQ

It's already possible to open a URL as a favorite (witch a new tab) from the "favorites bar" :


1- Right click (with mouse) on a favorite tab

2- Select "open in new tab"

3- Right click, this on



Hi Jordan,

I thought this, already, existed & indeed, it does, so, I took a Snip & marked it for you :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:
ONT 2019-04-23 165919.jpg

NB: Personally, I just 'grab' the Favs Bar if, when & while I need it, for a moment.  The rest of the time, it's not there.


Hi @JordanQ ,
You can simply press the middle mouse button (wheel). With the same button you can quickly close tabs. Without a mouse, only through the context menu.


Oh yes, there is that, too LOL :D  Crazy, one uses stuff & yet, miss mentioning it :smirking_face::face_with_rolling_eyes:  Good you have :thumbs_up::thumbs_up:


@JordanQ  i agree, it doesn't make sense to open new favorites in the current tab !!!

Clicking your mouse wheel, its '3rd button, does that.  Of course, it doesn't or wouldn't make sense, were it the case, but... just open the desired Favorite by tapping your mouse-wheel & and it will be another tab :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:.



Doesn't really help those of us who don't always have a mouse with us.


When I'm on my laptop, I have my mouse. When using my tablet, there's no keyboard or mouse. I need to be able to tap and open in a new tab without the hassle of a long press and additional tap. Option is still needed, not a work-around on how to do it with a wheeled mouse. Not everyone is at a desktop all the time, and Edge needs to meet everyone's needs. It's why I'm testing with different hardware from most testers. 


Forgive... I reckoned Touch had a way.  I couldn't say as I don't have Touch so, not familiar with how it would be done.  Thanks for your info regarding tablet. Make sure the Edge Team know via :)


This is what i need most.



There is no touchpad. There is no keyboard. There is no mouse.


Only a screen. This is a stand-alone tablet. 8" Windows stand-alone tablet. 


Yes, I can connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse if I want, but it defeats the purpose of sitting in my recliner lightly browsing the internet with an 8" tablet in my hand. It's supposed to be easy and care-free, not cumbersome.


I am currently using an extension from the Chrome Store that allows me to function. It's called Quick Bookmarks Menu. I have to because I can't even access the 3-dot menu by touch right now, as it is broken in the current Canary build. Forced to use a mouse when needing to access the menu. That has been reported separately. 


I'm not complaining about it, just wanting to make sure needed features make it into the final product for everyone to make this the best browser ever. Even with the small faults, it's already my favorite by far and I have uninstalled all other browsers except regular edge. But I digress.


Just know, a left-click and/or short tap by finger is a needed option if it is to be a touch-friendly browser. In today's world, touch-friendly is a must.

@rhapdog Exactly. I already knew you could do this via a context menu option. What I want is a general setting to have favorites open in a new tab every time, by default, on tap or left click.


Being like Winnie the Pooh with only a wee brain, I'm lost as to whether there is any point to saying this (here & now) or not...

Middle click, is what will do it not, left.  Middle click on the wanted Fav, it opens in an added tab. The reverse will close a tab, too.

Anyway, if this is, already, known or doesn't apply in the context of this thread, just ignore it, no worries.


@Drew1903 We seem to jump over the fact that a lot of people do not have a third button or mousewheel or middle click (on a Mac here).


Opening a favourite in a new tab would be logical. Like now, i can mention a lot of cases where it would make more sence to do it in a new tab.

  • Reading mail in a browser and want to look up something
  • Typing this message and do a spell check
  • Any case where you are doing something in a tab and need something else.

I have trouble thinking about a case where i am finished with the current tab en go to a favourite.


So please, make it a setting.

Mac user here :)
No middle click..
It's really a mess. Firefox can do this, Vivaldi can do this. Edge can't? It's a basic feature! Please add the ability, if you want as an optional switch.
Quite agree. Firefox allows this and it is logical, too. Currently, I use a Chrome extension, Quick Bookmarks, to achieve this as it's an option there. But why do I need to resort to an extension? I'm looking at a tab with lots of information and when I do the normal thing and left click on a bookmark/favourite, I don't want to overwrite the current tab. I don't want to have to think, oh yes, for this, I have to press a different mouse button than usual, or press ctrl as well. Please just make it an option, then those users who prefer to middle-click, or press ctrl or alt, or whatever combination is currently mandatory, whilst clicking, can continue to do so. Thank you.
I agree. The workarounds mentioned here are interesting, but the request is to have a setting to make this a default option not one needing a middle click/right click or other.

Old IE had it, FF has it, others have it, Edge needs it.

@Drew1903 The OP gave your reply as something that they already do, so your reply wasn't really helpful.  However I did learn something - click your mouse's scroll wheel to open in new tab. Whoop Whoop!