Feature Request: Multiple Profile Startup and on link open

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It would be really great if multiple profile screen could be configured to always be present on startup without special flags and was an option within profile screen.  Also, the ability to always ask which profile before opening URLs as well.  Currently there is the option to force specific URLs to open specific URLs but not an option to always select. Perhaps some form of automated learning could be used on device to predict which profile uses each base URL frequently and to have that profile highlighted instead of the first one or last one.


Very useful for multiple users in a family but shared PC login.

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The automatic learning is already happening but for work and personal accounts

"If Microsoft Edge detects that a link is a personal or work link, the browser will automatically prompt you to switch to the appropriate profile."

but not sure how the browser going to learn between multiple personal accounts.
also you have the ability to right-click on links and open them in different profiles.