Feature request for (very) wide screen setups

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There are many jobs for which a ultra-widescreen display is best suited. I recently got a 49" monitor with a 32:9 aspect ratio (5120×1440 screen res.), which I love. The PowerToys FancyZones Editor is a huge help to use, but there would be something else that could help a lot in everyday use.

The problem is that when placed at arm's length, even though it is curved, the two edges of the monitor are still very far away. The Start Menu appears on the far left side of the screen, and notifications appear in the lower-right corner. The latter are sometimes simply obscured by the frame of my glasses. The solution could be a setting that allows users to center their items on the Tray. Start Menu icon could be in the middle, other items on it's two sides and messages/notifications could appear at the lower center part of the screen. I think many traditional-screen users would welcome this development.


Here is the original arrangement on a 32:9 screen and my suggestion:


The Original ArrangementThe Original Arrangement


The Centered ArrangementThe Centered Arrangement


I hope you see an opportunity to implement this feature.

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