Feature Request: Exit tab button on the left

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This one is for all the Mac users in the building.... 


Many of us are using Safari alongside a Chromium-based browser and it would be great to have the option to change the exit tab / close tab button to the left-hand side of a tab (you can only exit a tab in Safari on the left side of the tab). 


This point was mentioned here in the MS Community -- seems this was a feature at one point but has been removed since?


I've been wanting to switch over to Edge but have been holding out with Opera and Vivaldi because there are options to exit tabs on the left-hand side of tabs. 


It might sound small, but for people who are using Safari and a Chromium browser at the same time or in unison -- this would really ease work and a small amount of mental load. 


Just a note, I think Vivaldi has a really nice implementation of this feature. 

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