Feature Request : Ease of use on Full screen Tab Navigation

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 Dear Good people at Microsoft,


I kindly request you to improve Tab Navigation while using Full screen. Firefox has made their navigation such a joy to use if you're working on multiple tabs as you can see in the images below. If you have multiple tabs and you want to move to the next full screen tab, all you need to do is to hover your mouse to the tab area, and you'll be able to navigate to the next full screen tab without having to exit, previous tab returns back to full screen.


Microsoft Edge on the other hand requires you to exit full screen on the current tab in order to navigate to the next tab. You have to click full screen button to exit or press F11 THEN click full screen button again or press F11 to open the next tab. There's just too much unnecessary clicking and pressing buttons if you have work that involves a lot of going back and forth.


Firefox has a decent implementation that improves ease of use. I kindly ask you to relay this information to Edge developers for consideration and implementation. It will be one more reason that Microsoft will give us to keep sticking with Edge instead of jumping back to Firefox.



Firefox Full screen Tab Navigation


Firefox Fullscreen NavigationFirefox Fullscreen Navigation



Microsoft Edge Full screen tab navigation




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I want this too, it's not convenient to have to exist full screen mode every time, only for switching to another tab.

You can use the Ctrl-Tab and Ctrl-Shift-Tab keyboard shortcuts to jump between tabs when full screen, but that's still not a good substitute for the Firefox or even Edge Classic experience, where moving the mouse up to the top drops down the tabs and address bar.

Yes I know about the shortcuts,

the new Edge needs to have the same behavior and UI in full screen as the classic Edge does.