Feature request: compact density option

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I know there is a vertical tabs UI option coming soon and that will elimate this problem for users that choose vertical tabs UI, but we know that the majority of users will not switch to the vertical tabs UI, so a compact density option should still at least be considered. The Chrome team refuses to make a compact density option, please Edge team at least consider this! Here are some screenshot comparisons of Edge vs Firefox compact density. There is an especially huge difference for users that use the bookmarks bar. On a small laptop (and small laptops are extremely common) every extra pixel of vertical real estate helps. You would get a lot of fans and good will amongst power users if you added a compact density optioncompactdensity.png


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Yes, definitely in favor of a compact mode. The current look is too big if your device is not a touch screen.

Yes please. I still remember the uproar when Chrome switched their UI kit to Aura originally and their spacing/density between interface elements and line height was almost as bad as Edge's. The current state of density should be the option for those with a touch interface and a compact mode for mouse and keyboard users. This is long overdue and makes Edge look odd next to Chrome & Firefox.