[Feature Request] Back in a new tab

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I don't know if this idea has been executed in any browser, but it would be awesome if there was a "go back in a new tab" that also brings along the navigation context (back+forward) in that new tab.

I find myself multiple times an hour at work doing a Bing or Google search, clicking a link and going to that page, then realizing that this page is useful, but I want to keep looking. Currently I have to go back, then find the link I clicked before and then open that link in a new tab, then continue my search.

It would be awesome if I was on the page I liked, to be able to ctrl (or middle)+click the back button, and it will open a new tab behind my current tab with the previous page and back+forward history!

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that sounds like a great suggestion.
it's probably a function similar to what this add-on does in Firefox.

"Links that are opened in new tabs (and optionally in new windows) retain the "back" (session) history from the parent window. "


@HotCakeX  Hi!

That's also a good idea, although I'm looking more for a way to "go back", but in a new tab. It should still retain the navigation history too