Feature Request: Add New Way to Submit Feedback

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Currently, we are able to submit bugs easily through Smiley icon which is cool and easy.

However, sometimes we want to share feature request or see what happens to our feedback.

For example, we need ability (in addition to Smiley icon) to login with Microsoft Account and submit feedback and view status of Feedback and get vote and upvote.

For some users tracing feedback is important and also encouraging that they will see what is happening to their feedbacks. 

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Thank you Reza for this feedback. We are aware of the desire to track the status of the feedback that you file. We are currently investigating different ways to support this feature, and also trying to understand the priority relative to other areas that we are investing in. If you use the smiley today and add your email address, you will see an email sent to you at each stage in the lifecycle of the feedback. You can use the smiley for bugs, feature requests and comments.

@Elliot Kirk 

Cool and thank you for letting us know, for example it is also important for us as MVP to have better contribution in this program.