Feature request: Ability to change the color of the folder icon in the favorites bar


I find the folder icon color (yellow) to be visually distracting and prefer Chrome's grey color.  It would be nice if this color was customizable based on user preference.  


I submitted this request via Submit Feedback as well.



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Since you submit it through the feedback option, the Microsoft Edge team will review it. I am wondering what are you preferences? Is it like set of few colors like ten different colors or range of colors where user might be able to select?

@Reza_Ameri my preference would be an option to change it to something similar to Chrome which I prefer.  I find that the yellow color in Edge unnecessary and visually unappealing. 

Thank you for sharing this, let see what other community members have to say.
@Reza_Ameri Even though I have switched to mac but I am still continuing with Microsoft edge because I simply love it. I would definitely like to have the flexibility to change the colours of the icons in the bookmark bar.
Make sure share it using the feedback option too.