Feature parity with Find on Page

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The "Find on Page" feature in the "legacy" Edge have the really usefull options: "Match whole word" and "Match case" which, as the names suggest, enable as to find on a page for a whole word and/or make a case-sensitive find.


The Find on Page in the new Chromium-based Edge lacks these options and we really need these to be implemented

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Thank you for the feedback. I will make sure that the search team is aware of this suggestion.

@Elliot Kirk 


In addition, I would like the find on page box to be under the favorites bar as in Edge Legacy, rather than covering the favorites bar.

@leonidev Find on page in legacy edge works across all tabs without having to manually select the option after switching tabs. It stays there and tab switching does not affect it in an way.


Find on page in new edge simply disappears after you go to another tab. You need to find it in 3 dot menu again and click on it -Same thing with extra time and clicks. If you have thirty tabs open and you are researching a particular topic, it is a pain in the neck to do so. On projects of larger scale, it is simply unviable in new edge.

Any news on this? It is much needed! 🥺
Any news on this? It has been requested since 2015 by many users... Those two search options are available everywhere except for OneNote. They are really essential in order to use OneNote effectively.