Feature from Opera that should be added to Edge

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There is a simple feature that I think is great and should be added to Edge :smile:


The feature is: When I'm in Opera and I'm looking at a web page of PDF and I scroll down (You know some get very long) and I want to get to the top of that page then I can just click the Tab and Boom I'm at the Top.


I think this feature would be great to add to Edge :cool:


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you can do the same on Edge, just press Home button on keyboard :)



Not quite the same though.


I use the free Scroll To Top Button extension from the Microsoft Store, which works nicely.





Yes I understand and I did know about using the Home Button on my Keyboard, But I use a Wireless keyboard and Mouse.


I don't like to always pull out my Keyboard - I do also of looking at Tech News and also reading on forums and if I'm just reading why pull out the keyboard just to zip to the top of a Web page


I think we all want Edge to become the number 1 browser :hearteyes::stareyes::cool:

@Bruce Roberts 


Yes that's a Good Idea, But I think it would be better to make this a native part of Edge and let's cut down a adding a ton of add-on and\or extension

Well it's the same, you either press a physical button or a virtual button, either wait it's just 1 press of button :)
I agree it would be useful for PDFs, because website developers usually put those "back to top" buttons on their sites if they feel it's necessary but on PDFs it doesn't exist, at least not built in.

@HotCakeX  @Bruce Roberts


Yes it would be very helpful for PDFs, But I still think it should be native to Edge like Opera

Remember Opera has been around forever and Edge is new

Edge is doing a Great job, But adding this can make it better

I have more ideas, But I think starting 1 at a time is the route to go :cool: 

Yeah, Opera has been around for a long time, meanwhile try Vivaldi too, it has very unique features that other browsers don't.
submitting feedbacks and report using feedback button on browser is also very useful because you will be able to track it when they email you that they are working on it



Yes Sir I know about Vivaldi also and HeHeHe Netscape :cryingwithlaughter:

I'm Old School - I was a tester of Windows 1.3 = Dang I'm old :facepalm:


Yes I did a Feedback on the Carney version of Edge


I do Thank you Sir

You're welcome, much respect to you for being a Windows insider since Windows 1.3 :))