[FEATURE] Allow exceptions for clearing browsing history

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Similarly to Chrome/Firefox, there should be a feature that allows you to create exceptions when clearing browsing history. For example allow cookies from *.microsoft.com to be retained after clearing cookies etc.

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Cookies and History are different things.

@nothanks100 Thanks for reaching out and welcome to our Insider community! As @HotCakeX mentioned, history and cookies are two separate areas, so I'd love to get some further clarification. To confirm, can you tell us more about what your use case for this feature would be? And what you'd hope to get out of having the ability to selectively keep history, or cookies, or both?


Fawkes (they/them)
Project & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

The feature would create exceptions for clearing history or cookies on exit or when manually clearing history/cookies. To allow domain names and wildcards ie *.Microsoft.com and save the content from being deleted

Hey, I was also wandering something similar. I clear my browser history on a regular basis but would like to stay singed in on certain websites. How could I go about setting that up?