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I got a crap ton of redundant junk whenever I try to sync my favourites using my Microsoft account and I have been tired of deleting them. Is there a way to reset sync details? I have used such feature to remove the redundant junk in Chrome synced using my Google account, will there be a way to do this on Microsoft?
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Reset and remove Microsoft account from all other devices that are using the Edge browser sync (like other Windows OS, phones etc), after that your device will be the only one connected to the Edge sync, now press CTRL + A to select all bookmarks and then press delete, wait some time like an hour and then try to connect other devices (if any) back to the sync and see what happens. that 1 hour should give Microsoft Edge enough time to sync everything with online server, but remember after you delete everything you have to wait 1 hour before adding anything back. I hope they improve performance of the servers soon.
i'd also suggest you to do this on Canary version since it's more recent and has more fixes and updates.



Did you get this fixed? 

If yes: With steps in the above reply or some other way?


I have the same problem.

I got it fixed. Thanks for your solution! @HotCakeX
Good to know, you're welcome!


Is there a way to know what all devices are syncing the edge chrome favorites. I have deleted all devices from, except the one i am using, but the deleted favorites keep appearing all over again

There is no such feature in Edge inside yet. on Firefox I can see my other syncing devices but on Edge I can't.


I have no other devices other than the active one on which edge chrome is installed. I have cross checked this at yet when i delete a favourite / or all of them, they just come back

Sync servers have been having problems for a while now..unfortunately nothing much to do but to wait for a possible fix..