Favourites button does not yet provide access to History and so on as in Classic Edge

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Today I was using Edge Beta [Version (Official build) beta (64-bit)] and I wanted to check my browsing history.  In Classic Edge I simply click the Favourites button then click History, but in this version of Chromium Edge it seemed very cumbersome, having to click More (...) then History, and then History again!


2019-10-26 (3).png2019-10-26 (4).png
















Chromium Edge vs Classic Edge


Will this be implemented into the Favourites (list) button at a later date?

I think it is another great feature from Classic Edge that would differentiate the Chromium version from other browsers.


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Hi @Graham-STMC, browsing history is available using the Ctrl+H hotkey as well as through the settings application.  In the currently available version of Microsoft Edge, we have received enough feedback that we made a change to surface browsing history as its own icon on the address bar.  So we are trying to understand the need to get to history often enough to add the history button to the main user interface.  For some people, it might be, and we would look into addressing that feedback.  Thanks - Elliot

@Eliott Kirk Thank you. From my own experience it is particularly useful and quick to click the Favourites List button, then the History button if I have previously used the Continue on PC feature from Android, but then wanted to return to that page again on another device after the initial connection has closed. Of course CTRL+H is also a quick option. I wonder how the various keyboard shortcuts could be promoted more easily? My older clients seem only to remember CTRL+C, X, V and P despite my often providing them with a list. For them a visual button on screen is extremely useful, even if it has several features.


I miss the arrow of IE11 to see the last urls written:

(Echo de menos la flechita de IE11 para ver las ultimas urls escritas:)



@ppnacho This still happens in a similar way to it used to on Internet Explorer with Chromium Edge if you click and hold the back arrow.  (My example is in Dark Mode.)

Screenshot 2019-10-29 at 16.40.17.png


True ... but for me it is not the same.

Ohala would return the IE11 option ... but I doubt it will be implemented. A pity


Cierto ... pero para mi no es lo mismo.

Ohala volviera la opcion de IE11 ... pero dudo que se implemente. Una pena.


I agree I would like Edge Chromium to allow me access to the favourites by clicking the star and then be able to pin the favourites to the side of the screen. I sometime like to look at multiple websites and the old version allows this with ease. As I may not do this on every use I do not want to auto open them.